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How to Overcome Driving Anxiety – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

driving anxietySome individuals are afraid of spiders. Some are afraid of cars, jeeps. This is due to cars are more dangerous as compared to spiders due to having a large size. Spiders appear to have a phobia of feelings that are associated with anxiety. Being fearful is the reason for developing anxiety. Humans are usually afraid of potentially dangerous things such as insects, but cars or jeeps came about more quickly to develop fear or anxiety. Some people experience depression or driving anxiety, in different ways. Many people develop anxiety during driving.

Others may experience fearful feelings during walking on the roads, So they keep themselves away from such things. Some people also have panic attacks while driving, and this thing creates more serious complications afterlife. There are different types of driving anxiety, and all types require different strategies to fight against anxiety.

Types Of Driving Anxiety:

Anything which causes stress can lead towards anxiety, and driving is more stressful. Every time, when you are traveling at high speed and cut out others drivers that may or may not be talented or skilled. In these circumstances, you may experience in your past, seen accidents reports or news, or started developing anxiety on the roadside.

  • Mild Driving Anxiety.
  • Moderated Driving Anxiety.
  • Severe Driving Anxiety.

Causes Of Driving Anxiety:

There are different causes of developing anxiety during driving and also have different reasons that may lead towards a panic attack behind the wheel. The common causes of driving anxiety are:

  • Panic Attacks While Driving.
  • Dangerous Situation.

Panic Attack While Driving:

A panic attack during driving is the most common reason for developing anxiety or more fearful situation for the drivers. Panic attacks control your whole body and mind functions, making it block to pay attention to anything else. If you are driving, you can feel like there is no freedom that the panic attack may put you in dangerous situations.

Finally, after experiencing all these things the person becomes more afraid to get in a car because they are worried about driving and causes more panic attacks. Unluckily, due to the panic attack during work, people most afraid of developing the panic attack.

driving anxiety

Dangerous Situations:

Depression or anxiety tends to develop as the response to perceived dangerous experience or many other side effects, such as several accidents may promote fear feelings of driving. Moreover, seeing an accident or hearing about the accidents can also contribute to developing the fear of anxiety. It is also possible to experience depression on the roads that are under construction over time. Mild stress is spread over a period of driving and causes the reason for developing anxiety, and since driving is also a situation of anxiety development, it can difficult to overcome the fear during driving.

Risk Factors for Driving Anxiety:

There are many risk factors that add more anxiety during driving. These factors are easily identified, but create more complications in your life.

  • Exaggerated Safety/Caution Behavior.
  • Anxiety-Based Driving Errors.
  • Aggressive/Hostile Behavior.
  • Consequence Of Avoidant.
  • Disorganized.
  • Compensatory Actions.

These factors become worse in critical condition. The situation is very damaging and critical for the person who is more prone to accidents and anxiety. The driving anxiety may be reduced by recovering these factors. Try to behave normally in over-crowded areas. If find a difficult situation, behave actively and control the situation at that time.

Don’t bother your anxiety and fearful feelings during the driving, ignoring the anxiety and drive with care. Driving anxiety is the worse thing if it overcomes on your mind. So, try to drive with care and practice, eliminate your signs and symptoms of driving anxiety during driving. Organize your way with more confidence and try to avoid other ways. Active mind always recovers the situation more easily.

driving anxiety

Tips To Reduce Driving Fear:

Development of fear of driving is a complicated process since driving is something that will always cause a small portion of anxiety. It may be due to reckless driving and triggers anxiety. Preventing the fear of driving can be challenging in some situations. Here are some tips that will help you to control driving anxiety.

  • Face The Fear.
  • Don’t Add To The Anxiety.
  • Drive In A Safe Area.
  • Practice Mindfulness.

Face the Fear:

This is an easy way to reduce your anxiety. Face the fear or all causes that may be the reason for developing anxiety. It’s your fear is noticeable, you can’t get in your car, then it may not possible to drive. For those individuals, who can get the courage to drive, stop avoiding driving. If causes are more severe, you need to keep your car slow or drive in the safe area. Those people who avoid driving, due to anxiety or phobia, have to confirm their fears, and can’t afford to drive more.

Don’t add to the Anxiety:

You have to make sure that roads or driving is not the reason for your anxiety. Drive carefully and within your speed limit, check your blind spots and signal before you turn and many more. Fear is the actual reason for developing more anxiety during driving and is the more common cause of driving anxiety. You have to make sure that you are not adding anxiety to your driving that is dangerous.

Drive In a Safe/Slow Areas:

Drive carefully in the safe place add more confidence in your driving skills. It can be more beneficial to drive in an anxiety-free environment, especially when you are ready to drive for long periods that make you get tired or bored. Try to find a large, empty parking that makes possible safe driving practice. The better or longer, you drive, especially if there is nothing in the surroundings can reduce the risk of developing anxiety. If you are bored with driving, the more good you’ll drive and makes you more confident.

Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is responsiveness or awareness. The more you notice the symptoms of stress or tension, the more you will be able to discuss your problems down with them. If you are feeling gripping, or your mind upset due to having dangerous thoughts and you are shaking or clenching etc, then learn more about how to control your emotions. After getting enough knowledge or practice, you’ll see a great improvement in your stress levels. Mindfulness is about addressing and paying attention to each cause of the reason one by one until you get control of your all mood swings and feeling relaxed.

Moreover, these tips mentioned above are known as traditional anti-anxiety strategies for panic attacks, anxiety and phobias, are conditions are extremely valuable. However, the driving anxiety treatments. Maybe specifically for driving, they do mention many symptoms and thoughts related to driving anxiety and proved to be helpful to provide a comfortable feeling.

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Driving Fears:

There are different types of driving fear that adds anxiety during driving. In this article, we have mentioned the list of driving fears. This list includes:

  • Past Negative Experience.
  • Fear of having Symptoms of Anxiety & being Trapped.
  • Driving Outside of One’s Comfort Zone.
  • Fear of Going too Fast & Losing Control.
  • Fear of Fatalities.

Past Negative Experiences:

Accidents are the common source of developing negative experience and proved to be more horrific. But there are many other reasons. Driving during a bad storm, getting lost, having a panic attack, being a victim of road rage can all be traumatic. You may develop the feelings of negative experience and worries that it will occur again. The repetitive feelings of fear and anxiety can cause the person to avoid driving, just making your anxiety worse.

Driving outside of One’s Comfort zone:

Driving at a familiar location is not a big deal for the person having driving phobias. But it gives you a direction towards a new location, far or near, anxiety develops through the sunroof. Many questions are arising in the person experiencing phobias such as:

  • What if I get lost?
  • What if my phone gets lost?
  • Am I on the right track?
  • What if my car runs out of gas?
  • What if I can’t find parking spots?

These are the questions that increase the chances of fear and developing driving anxiety and provide you with a hint that something going wrong. It is the fearful feelings that make the situations more critical in unfamiliar places, and no will be there to help you

Fear of having Symptoms of Anxiety & being Trapped:

Being stuck in the traffic is irritating condition and no one like to stuck in, but if you are experiencing panic attacks during traffic, it may be a terrifying situation. People who have a panic history try to avoid these situations where they find difficult to get out quickly and move towards freeways and try the left lanes.

What should you do in heavy traffic?

Anxiety and depression develop many issues in specific organs of the body. While many people experience difficulty breathing and slow heartbeat, others may experience nausea, lightheadedness, and diarrhea. The thoughts of having the signs of anxiety during driving resulted in more avoidance and more severe form of depression that badly affect your quality of life.

Fear Of Going Too Fast & Losing Control:

The drivers who are feeling depression during driving, are more prone to develop an anxiety disorder. There might be low pressure to accelerate the car, but your body and mind won’t let you permit to drive fast. When you try to move fast, your body sweats and heartbeat races. The physical signs and symptoms make it possible to identify or analyze the condition of driving anxiety. The fear of swerving and control into another lane is quite difficult that make you more frightened on street surface and you reach more slowly and take a longer time to reach your destination.

Fear Of Fatalities:

The key point of all anxiety is a feeling of danger and someone who can underestimate your ability to drive. Fearful drivers may not trust in their abilities and always try to drive on safe places. This is just due to the lack of faith and abilities in yourself. Anyways, you may imagine the worst things repeatedly.

The imagination of driving anxiety and phobias resulted in dangerous outcomes, in your mind, even they situations may or may not be tough. You don’t want to become the victim of previous accidents, as you always imagine this thing in your mind. This type of habit puts you more in difficult situations and sometimes the situation may become according to your imaginations. This type of behavior is not good for you even not for your beloved ones.

Driving anxiety not only dangerous for you but also creates many problems for your closed relations such as friends and families. This type of attitude needs serious counseling. Psychotherapy is also recommended by some experts who try to find out the actual reason of driving anxiety and suggest you better treatment options. Cognitive therapy is also very helpful in eliminating the signs and symptoms of the driving anxiety.

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Home-Remedies To Eliminate Driving Anxiety:

Many exercises and home-remedies are suggested to eliminate the serious signs and symptoms of the driving anxiety. Try some home-remedies that workout instantly. These remedies include:

  • Morning Walk.
  • Take a Deep Breath & Start Driving.
  • Mind Counseling.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • Practice In a Safe Area.

These recommendations and tips will prove to be more helpful in reducing the driving anxiety. These are not only helpful for driving anxiety but also recovers other complications or health issues. Always keep in mind, that you are a perfect person. Never underestimate your personality and avoid those things and people who discourage your confidence. Self-confidence is the first thing that take-out you from every difficult situation. Wherever you are, self-esteem and confidence is the basic step to move on. Focus on your goals and try new things which provide you comfort. Exercise is the best things that make you happy and fresh and recovers your health condition instantly.