morning depression

Morning Depression: Symptoms – Causes & Treatments

Morning Depression

Particularly, morning can be the difficult time to wake up when you are depressed. You wake up, you feel like everything is impossible, your limbs or muscles feel heavy, the head is foggy, the energy level at a low level and you may feel like a dizzy person throughout the day. During daytime, head, stretching feel like foreboding and you struggle hard to conclude the actual reason for all these things. You may confuse every time that what you want to wear, eat, or even they don’t know about the next level of your life. In all above-mentioned factors, going back to bed is the only option that gives you comfort. The scientific term for the morning depression can be worsened in the morning than afternoon also known as “diurnal variation of mood”. The individual having depression has a disrupted circadian rhythm. 

morning depression

Sometimes, it badly affects your sleep timing. Circadian rhythm is the procedure in which body releases hormones such as melatonin and cortisol that greatly impact your sleep disorder. Melatonin is released during night time that makes you sleepy and cortisol is released during the daytime and make you alert whole day. When the balance of these hormones disrupted, the hormones can be released at the wrong shift time that can contribute to create more depression and make your morning lazy and difficult to stay active.

Sorting your Sleep

Naturally, I the circadian rhythm is disrupted and feel good night’s feeling at daytime creates more difficulty, but you know that’s often easier to ignore all things and go for a nap. Some factors that can help you to avoid sleepy feeling are:

  • Eating regular meals throughout the day
  • Exercising a little during the day
  • Avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, particularly close to bedtime
  • Sleeping in a comfortable environment such as temperature, the level of light and number of blankets you find works best for you
  • Trying to get into a regular bedtime routine and going to bed and waking up at similar times each day, trying not to sleep during the day

Strategies to Overcome the Morning Depression

If you have better sleep during night time, and you also want to sleep during the morning, it will be hard to maintain the circadian rhythm. Some strategies are used to avoid sleeping during the morning. These strategies are given below:

  • Braindumps each morning
  • Get your clothes out and your bag ready the night before
  • List all possible things for the morning plans
  • Mindfulness
  • Give yourself time
  • Have something to look forward to

We hope that these strategies will prove to be helpful to avoid morning depression. We are glad to see you active all time and managing all the difficult mornings.

Some people have depression but act like simple behavior, they get up in the morning and start doing their daily routine. Specific situations feel irritation. In some condition, you have to struggle with the depression disorder, but you can’t consider the depression as a disorder. There are some factors that can create more depression as well as other anxiety disorder during the morning. The psychological traits relate to depression vulnerability. These are:

  • Hopelessness reactivity
  • Neurotic-ism
  • Sub-clinical depression
  • Rumination and worry
  • A family history of depression
  • You are tired, haven’t had enough sleep and can’t be bothered with anything anymore
  • Waking up in the morning sucks
  • To some people, however, it goes beyond that
  • Seriously, the number of times that you are forced to wake up early in your life is far too unhappy.

morning depression


Some people experiencing depressive disorder signs, when they wake up, be it early or late in the morning time. Actually, this is some dangerous level, when you think about morning depression. Due to morning depression, you show bad performance at the workplace, bad mood swings, affected the relationship with friends and families. Though, sometimes, having no friends is quite suitable. It is not the bad things but shows worst signs and symptoms. Being punished and fired for lacking performance, can actually end with a disaster. It does not have the suitable reason to develop morning depression.

After experiencing the complications, the team of scientists take some time to write down the full history, related signs and symptoms and mention the treatment to “how to stop morning depression”.

Morning Depression is explained by extreme lack of motivation to take action against stress or another anxiety disorder. Morning depression comes up with the bad thoughts and then develop multiple depressive signs. You can also conclude that morning depression is actually time-based or season-based autumn depression.

Usually, it works in the sense that both autumn depression or morning depression is not severe cases, but highly situational and time-based. Morning depression has not long stayed and disappeared after a few hours, normally after feeling good, if not feeling well, feel okay in the evening. It does not stay with you as “morning person” but you have to face the terrible things during the morning time. These two terms are not actually related. There is not a specific statement as “not a morning person

Factors affecting Morning Depression morning depression

Let us blunt here, if you are feeling unhappy. You don’t want to get up early in the morning, it simply means that you do not agree to move ahead across the day, you want to get rid of your responsibilities instead of doing all things. Usually, you should come to no surprise that the morning depression is a sign of a major depressive disorder.

Your sleeping hours are ineffective or non-existent. You don’t have proper rest, your sleep is too low-quality or you sleep too little. You don’t take rest and feel like you are tired. Your diet and nutrition are harmful because an unbalanced diet contains too much sugar that in unhealthy for you. Processed sugar lowers the level of sugar in your blood and leading towards the condition known as hypoglycemia.

The level of sugar drop down beyond a certain limit, your body wants to find more food to balance the sugar, and leading towards uneasy sleep. You can notice, your actual problem is a low sleep disorder that is a treatable condition. It is all about the bad habits rather than not being a morning person. Fix all these issues, try to apply these witnesses or tips for the improvement in the condition.

Tips to Reduce Morning Depression

There are simple tips or strategies that you can apply to reduce the morning depression. These tips help you to rebuild your daily routine. You have to choose a single tip from the given below:

  • Get some proper rest
  • Use these and results will come
  • Your sleeping habits are everything when it comes to your morning time

If you are feeling horrible during morning hours, then most of the time is going to be more horrible, as time passes your body tends to regulate the energy deficiency during the night time. So, you should time to take some rest. The issue is that you can’t do proper rest due to having a tired feeling. This is the reason, why individuals feel depressed in the morning and more energetic in the night. This is known as a never-ending period, you feel lonely and can’t do the usual things with fresh mood.

Stretching before you sleep, stretching make your muscles relax and ensure you that you feel comfortable, permit you to make sleepy better or faster.

Try to sleep early, it is quite boring, but sleep early has many benefits such as it increases the quality of your sleep habits and improve your health. When you are trying to sleep early, it increases mental skills up to 30% and balances your mood swings. Moreover, maintain your attitude towards society.

Wake up early in the morning also make you “morning people” and improves your life quality as compared to the people known as “night owl”.

A research is completed by biologist “Christoph Randler” concluded that individuals who try to wake up early in the morning are proactive than others. Wake up early and going to bed early are two basic things that can easily reduce your morning depression. It will keep you proactive and energetic. In other words, wake up before 7 AM or go for a nap before 11 PM, is a perfect time for the people suffering from morning depression.

Morning Routine  

morning depression

Make a suitable morning routine that is normally reserved for successful people. Start searching on the Google about the habits of successful people will let you know that wake up early morning was their daily routine that made him stronger. After taking a great nap, waking up early is the sign of fresh mood and healthy life. Scientists suggest that exercise in the morning, control your stress level and provide greater strength to face challenges.

Morning depression makes you disconnect with your breakfast, but this is a terrible idea. After exercising, your stomach wants some food to work properly, it is nice to take a cup of tea with bread or light breakfast. These initial steps will help you to reduce your depression level in the morning and make your whole day just perfect.

The perfect daily routine will become a systematically perfect combination for you to prevent your anxiety or depression level and makes you forget all about your worries. These strategies make you more motivated and productive, preventing your morning depression from increasing its ugly node. Live a life of your own choice that is worth living.  Share your depression signs and find the suitable solution, so that you can enjoy your vacations with a positive attitude.

Reasons for Missing Sleep Hours morning depression

There are many reasons that make you wake up at night time. Your unbalanced diet, your office work, meeting with friends, maybe the reason of missing sleep hours. Review your extreme scenario is the only factor that completely overrides the causes of morning depression.

Clearly, life is not a break, but the point of this article still stands on morning depression. Morning depression makes your days more worthless. Try to reduce your morning depression, and enjoy your daily routine with an active mind. This is the best way to control your anger and stress.

Make sure your every day have something to do that is the better motivation for you. Every time, you go to bed will assure you the challenges of the next day that you have to face. Actually, the energized and excited morning will give you strong motivation to move apart. This is crazy and unbelievable that having something for motivation will push you to perform your daily task. Some cases are exceptional in extreme depression signs that will not allow you to move apart.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Some people don’t want to wake up early in the morning and prefer to work at night. But this condition develops more stress on the mind and be the source of morning depression. Many reasons look like normal, but in fact, these problems are quite problematic. These issues can be recovered by a little effort. So, review the following things to make suitable changes in your daily routine.

To review, you should:

  • Go to bed early
  • Wake up early
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Eat a balanced, healthy breakfast.
  • Meditate
  • Get a hobby/find something that excites you

In the end, this article gives you helpful tips and strategies, which are actionable. According to this article, intuitively knew about the helpful strategies, that you don’t know in your past. Just check them out and find perfect results.

Instead of talking with someone else who doesn’t know you, talk to your specialist and with your friends and try to apply these strategies. Set up an alarm and go to bed early give you mental satisfaction. Take a start, set your routine of working just 8-9 hours a day and then take time for yourself. In case, you need any additional help, you have to check your specialist and review the signs and symptoms to eliminate the depressive disorders.